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Taobao Marketplace is a Chinese website for online shopping similar to eBay and Amazon operated in the People’s Republic of China by Alibaba Group.

Top Categories

taobao clothingClothing Women / Men

T-shirt,  jacket,  suit, sweater, coat, Jeans, casual pants shorts, hot pants, arge size women’s, uniforms, wedding, dress, eather jacket, large size men’s, national costume, other.

taobao shoesShoes / Bags

Shoes, sandals, Boots, Everyday casual shoes, Large size shoes, small size shoes, large size men, bag, retro bag, leopard bag, Suitcase, clutch, purse, other.

Taobao Underwear Lingerie AccessoriesUnderwear Lingerie Accessories

Hat,  hat female,  scarf,  scarves,  shawl,  collar fake,  belt, socks, Lingerie, Male pants, Bra,  other.

taobao sports outdoorsSports & Outdoors

taobao jewelry watches

Jewelry / Watches

taobao digital


taobao Office appliances

Office appliances

taobao Skin Care Makeup

Skin Care Makeup

taobao maternity

taobao home

Taobao Gourmet Specialties

Gourmet Specialties

taobao daily item


taobao autos motorcycle

Autos Motorcycle

Taobao Culture Fun

Culture Fun

Taobao Local Life

Local Life

Taobao Virtual



Taobao gathers most of online shoppers in China for its large variety of products, millions of categories, and Price Absolute Advantage.

How to buy products from China Taobao? is similar to e-Bay and all of the products are for the Chinese public only which does make it so cheap, but also hard for foreigners to buy from.
if you want to buy there you must have a local Chinese bank with wire transfer ability and a local address to get the parcels. chinese is a must as they are all speaking chinese.